Das Hamburger Architekturbüro Kawahare Krause Architects und die in Hamburg lebende Künstlerin Nobuko Watabiki hinterfragen in ihrer Installation spielerisch Bedeutung und Grenzen von Raum, Fläche und Linie, von Kunst und Architektur. Aus ordinären Schnüren entstehen Linien im Raum, die Flächen andeuten, die wiederum den Raum zu fassen scheinen. Ausgewählte, eingefärbte Schnüre werden sich beim Umrunden, im Näherkommen und Durchschreiten zu immer neuen räumlichen Bildkompositionen zusammenfügen.


The project Tegami – Perspectives of Japanese artist [Tegami: Japanese for mail] has been created by Japanese artist Nobuko Watabiki after the events of 3/11/2011 in Japan and is organized in cooperation with the German Markus ITO.

Starting from the question of what they can do as an artist, she quickly came to the idea to work together with their Japanese counterparts. The aim is to give artists from Japan the opportunity to present directly their experience and feelings in Japan in March and April, unfiltered by a western view. The German public can directly experience so impressions of Japanese artists. The project should be shown for the first time at the Japan Film Festival in Hamburg.

Together with Markus ITO, the concept was expanded to an exhibition shown after the Japan Filmfest Hamburg in other German cities too. Further requests from other countries come in, but the project was primarily launched to start an exchange with the German public. The exhibition will be shown abroad later this year.

Part of the concept for Tegami – Perspektiven japanischer Künstler is to exhibit the work of japanese artists, that was specially made for this exhibition. The only requirement is to be found in the form of the work, not the content. The work hast to be created on a postcard or postcard-size and should be send to Hamburg until middle of May.

The exhibits are very individual, unique and often not what it is expected by the German audience.


Hella Zehle works always with private texts, names of her friends, old adresses, letters for friends or her memorys. I met Hella Zehle in her studio in Galerie der Villa in Hamburg in 2008. We understand each other and we had a good communication. We started our collaboration work in 2009. Hella has a mentally and physically handicap.